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      Chairman's speech
      Chairman's speech

      Wind and waves, the White Sea Ji straight! This is the verve of changfeng!

      On the north shore of the Yangtze River in Chongqing, the yellow grass, beautiful in the Longxi River, Changfeng Chemical has gone through 50 years.

      50 years of temper endeavour! Changfeng self-reliance, to overcome the difficulties, with hard-working hands and wisdom, in the thorns of the land, built a chemical city, and have a big name, Changfeng chemical!

      50 years time! People traveling through, fear of hardships and dangers, technology and climb the peak, around the light emergence products, the development of circular economy, promote clean production, has achieved a remarkable achievement, fruitful!

      50 years keeping pace with the times! Changfeng who has drawn the occasion in 13th Five-Year, embarked on a new journey, innovative and pragmatic, do Chinese Guangyan products leader; safe and efficient, make circular economy and green chemical demonstration!

      New wind, new ideas, new realm, new action...... A new wind is moving forward to the future, to the brilliant!

      Long Xiao 9 days, the wind favoured wuzhou! This is the heart of changfeng! We sincerely invite friends all over the world together, sincere cooperation, hand in hand, mutual benefit and win a better future!

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